Attache BI Payroll Software

For more than 30 years, Attaché Software has developed and marketed accounting and payroll software. Attaché BI is the next major evolution in systems from Attaché Software.  Attache BI introduces a new, more powerful SQL database and an improved user experience.  With expanded cloud services and mobility enhancements, Attache BI delivers a “best of both worlds” approach to data security and connected computing.

Graham Legg is a Certified Attaché BI Installer and Payroll Specialist who has been trained to install, maintain and customise the software to better suit the requirements of specific business types.

Attaché BI Payroll saves time, lower payroll management costs and make better use of your valuable employee data with proven payroll software for growing small to medium sized businesses in Australia.

Automate pay, tax, higher duties and superannuation calculations with payroll software created for Australian businesses. Accurately accrue leave by the hour, day or by pay and choose how to calculate an unlimited number of allowances and deductions with total flexibility.

Reduce the time it takes to pay super from hours to minutes for all types of employees, including casuals and juniors. Upload to your fund or transfer all payments with one click to a gold-accredited SuperStream clearing house which distributes each payment to the right place.

Attaché BI Payroll can also integrate seamlessly with your Sage 300 accounting system using Modulo Software’s add-on product, Attpac. Attpac allows users to integrate non Sage 300 subledger modules e.g. payrolls, billing systems etc. with their Sage 300 General Ledger.

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